Spills and Fire Starters

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Highlighting Historical Romance with Sherry Ewing and struggles with authentic Regency fire starters.

While editing my next Regency era release, One Moment In Time, my editor caught me using the modern day word—match. Nowhere in my twenty-first century mind did it occur to me that I had written about how we may start a fire today. But when my editor used the words set a spill to the embers of the fire, I was completely lost and had no idea exactly what a spill was.

Insert bang head on desk here

Candle-lighting-in-the-Visoki-Dečani-monastery-Kosovo-metohija-koreni-duse027-300x229 Author's Blog Highlighting History

Lighting candles using a spill, Photo by Darko Dozet © www.dozet.info

Crazy as it may sound, I guess I’m so used to writing in medieval times that I’m constantly thinking of a readily available burning fire in the hearth and torches in sconces on castle walls.While sulfur matches were in use in China a thousand years ago, they were unknown in Europe. The first successful friction match, as we know it today, was invented in 1826 by John Walker, an English chemist and druggist from Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham. My characters couldn’t have used one.

Then it began… a mind numbing rabbit hole on the internet of trying to research “spill”—its use and definition—that only led me to further topics of discussion like the history of fire, cooking, and candles.

Brooklyn_Museum_-_The_Little_Cook_La_Petite_cuisinière_-_Pierre-Édouard_Frère-230x300 Author's Blog Highlighting History Spills were tightly rolled paper tapers or very thin wood sticks for transferring fire, for example to light an oil lamp or pipe from a lit fire. Candles were used for lighting in the 19th century, but spills were used to start fires. Wooden spills, to light wood stoves or fires, can still be bought on Amazon, at least in the UK. although the paper ones appear to be a thing of the past.

Funny enough (or maybe not when you’re trying to research something) I couldn’t seem to find any public domain images of paper spills that I could use on a website.

But I did manage to locate some beautiful vases that were placed on the mantle of the fireplace where spills/tapers were kept—something simple as the green vase pictured, to this pair of vases depicting children, to even figurines with a place in the center to hold the spills.

523px-Spill_vase-262x300 Author's Blog Highlighting History Pair_of_Spill_Vases_LACMA_56.30.20-.21-300x222 Author's Blog Highlighting History


Swan-237x300 Author's Blog Highlighting History










So the next time you pick up a match or even a lighter to set a flame to a candle, just think about what our ancestors had to do without our modern technology.

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  1. I used to have an old book that shows different ways you can prepare spills so they are decorative as well as useful. Some people used to have way too much time on their hands.

  2. I hit the same problem with my WIP this week. I discovered that tinderboxes were kept on mantelpieces to light the fire. Sometimes the little things are the trickiest

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