Romance and the Irish Troubles

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Robert Emmet

I’m celebrating a book birthday this week—the one-year anniversary of the release of The Viscount’s Seduction, Book 2 in my Sons of the Spy Lord Series. It is set against the background of Irish History.

The Viscount in question is the second son and heir (the eldest being illegitimate) of the Earl of Shaldon. Conventional and proper, he winds up falling for an impoverished Irish earl’s daughter who is anything but conventional and proper. In fact, her brother was a traitor to England.

The Irish “Troubles” are the backstory for Lady Sirena Hollister, and that led me to delve deeper into Irish history of the period.

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Henry William Paget




In the eighteenth century, King George III had problems in those pesky American colonies, but the troubles in Ireland were longer lasting. A real life nobleman, Lord Edward Fitzgerald, son of the Duke of Leinster, led an insurrection in 1798, and another rebellion occurred in 1803 under the leadership of Robert Emmet.

The miserable conditions of the Irish people inspired sympathy in some of the Englishmen sent to govern. I touched on this subject in a past blog post about William Wickham, Chief Secretary for Ireland during the Emmet era and in one about Henry Paget, Marquess of Anglesey who served for a time as the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

Luckily for me, the chaos that was Ireland worked well for my story!

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She’s lost her family, her home, and even her fey abilities.

But somehow, the fairies have handed this Irish earl’s daughter a chance at a Season in London. From her place on the fringes of high society, she seeks the truth about her brother’s vanishing–and revenge on an English spy lord. Her schemes soon incite an unknown enemy, and spark a different danger, in the person of the spy lord’s handsome heir.

The impertinent hoyden he’d met years ago was still as wild as her Irish roots. 

And she was just as unlucky, and still an Irish traitor’s sister. But her beauty, her charm, and her courage can’t be ignored. When danger strikes her, he’ll risk scandal, the ton’s disapproval, his father’s ire…and his own heart.

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Award winning author Alina K. Field earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and German literature, but her true passion is the much happier world of romance fiction. Though her roots are in the Midwestern U.S., after six very, very, very cold years in Chicago, she moved to Southern California and hasn’t looked back. She shares a midcentury home with her husband, her spunky, blonde, rescued terrier, and the blue-eyed cat who conned his way in for dinner one day and decided the food was too good to leave.

She is the author of several Regency romances, including the 2014 Book Buyer’s Best winner, Rosalyn’s Ring. She is hard at work on her next series of Regency romances, but loves to hear from readers!

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