5 Reasons Not To Hate Valentine’s Day

free-vintage-illustration-of-valentines-day-cherubs-and-cupids-image-3-134x300 Author's Blog But First Coffee What’s that you say? Valentine’s Day is just another bogus holiday created by Hallmark, the floral industry, and retailers to empty out our wallets. You might think that expressions of love that have to be coerced with guilt messages and commercials are worth nothing and you’d be right. Love and romance, however, aren’t to blame for that. Our own crass commercialism is.

Truthfully, we’ve always gone all-out in my household. It is Beloved’s birthday for one thing so heart shaped pink cakes have been inflicted on him for many years. You don’t have to go all out, however, if it isn’t your style. Skip the pricey cards, massive boxes of chocolate and wilting flowers. Just don’t skip the day. There are good reasons not to hate it.

  1. It is always good to tell folks you love them, and everybody has someone who needs to hear it. If you have a significant other you already know this. However, don’t forget to pick up the phone and call your mom and tell her you love her…or your aunt or brother or cousin. You don’t need to spend big bucks.
  2. Everybody has someone who loves them. That significant other is a great blessing, but you don’t have to look far to find more people. Don’t forget your dog, bird or cat. Let yourself feel the love.
  3. You would have eaten the candy anyway. Don’t blame the holiday. You chose to eat it.
  4. It’s the middle of a long grey winter, at least here in the northern hemisphere, and Valentine’s Day is an excuse to for cards, bright colors and celebration. Embrace the party.
  5. Romance needs to be celebrated. Trust me I write romance novels.  In fact, buy that person a romance novel. It will last longer than flowers or chocolate. <wink>

In fact, I need to get to writing up some romance now. But first, coffee.

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