6 Things I Remember About Conferences

I’m running around like a headless chicken to get ready to go to a conference, my first this year. I decided to go to InD’Scribe in Burbank because I’m a finalist for the RONE Award. Who knows? I could win and it would be nice to be there. You can see the add on the side of this page.

I don’t go to enough of these to be smooth at it. Some things I remember to do:

1. Bring business cards. You never know when you might meet the one person who can push your career forward.
2. Wear comfortable shoes. That goes without saying.
3. Don’t over pack the swag. There’s a limit to what people want to put in their suitcases to bring home.
4. Pack the dress up clothes. This one like many writers’ conferences, has a fancy dress party and a costume ball. You don’t want to go in jeans.
5. Stay loose. You can’t plan everything.
6. Keep your heart and head open. You never know what might rush in, often during the informal times.

All right back to packing. How am I going to display all this swag in the goody room? Need basket. How many shoes shall I pack? I’ll figure it out. Last week was crazy. This one promises to be even crazier.

But first, Coffee.
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2 thoughts on “6 Things I Remember About Conferences

  1. Awesome! And how exciting to not only be among your fellow writers, but to be ‘up’ for an award! Well deserved for sure! I love your books!
    Safe travels & enjoy!

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