Monday Motivations: Busy Week

No time this Monday to fret about motivation, because this will be one busy week folks.  Today I will bury myself in my editing cave. Now that I’m in rough draft I need to make the book sing so I can send it to beta readers. Do you think I can do it by Sunday?

Tuesday will dawn early. It is my day to post in the Belles’ Brigade. I hope to squeeze in more editing and then I’m on duty at high noon. The Bluestocking Belles are celebrating their first birthday, and I get to lead off the party. I’m hosting the first hour and a half but the event goes to midnight and I don’t want to miss any more than I have to. I’ll run out to drive the grandbuddy to his orthodontist after school, scoot back to the party and then run back out for choir practice.  Can I edit and party at the same time? I’m on again at 10:15 so if you miss me at noon, come for the evening portion.

Wednesday my friend Lindsay Downs stops by for Highlighting Historical Romance.  I have his post scheduled and ready to go, which is good because on Thursday the wonderful Jude Knight is joining us to highlight the Bluestocking Belles’ new release, The Collected Editions of the Teatime Tattler on Thursday.

Friday it is my turn on History Imagined. This week’s topic is how we decided the date for Easter and the remarkably heated conflicts that surrounded that question.  Saturday it is my turn to post to the Teatime Tattler.

And oh yes, in between all that, edit edit edit. But first, coffee. Lots of coffee.

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