Today lovers of historical fiction are being asked to say #whyireadhistoricals or #whyiwritehistoricals .

I say, why not! Let me give just a few reasons:

  • I entered the world of Jane Eyre when I was thirteen and never came out.
  • The Game of Kings lit up my 16th year and gave me a tortured hero to yearn for.
  • The love of my life is always up for history and travel to explore history and movies that have historical settings and . . .
  • Jane Austen’s world has become my most familiar fantasy universe.
  • Men in kilts.
  • Dukes have much more class than your basic billionaire.
  • The news is painful enough. I don’t need romantic suspense that’s too close to home.
  • History is how I think. I always wonder, “How did this (place/organization/person/city) get this way?
  • England’s history is rich and long. It’s worth years of study and and piles of fantasy.
  • Italy’s history is richer and longer.
  • Castles may have been drafty but they were exciting.
  • Sailing ships make my heart race.
  • Romance to me equals history. It just does.

Enough said?

2 thoughts on “#whyiwritehistoricals

  1. I so agree. I love reading Jane Austen’s and Georgette Heyer’s novels. I appreciate history so much more than when I was in High School. It seems to me that life was less complicated back in the day before we created all the technology we have today ~ and people had to rely on each other for entertainment and conversation.

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