Why Dangerous?

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Dangerous Works, Dangerous Secrets, Dangerous—more to come! All the titles in my current series of Regency romance novels have danger in the title.

If you are looking for romantic suspense in the traditional sense, with explosions, kidnappings, and general mayhem, you may be disappointed. The danger in all my books is to that most vulnerable of all organs, the human heart.

We all walk through life with wounds we keep hidden. If you’re being completely honest you will agree with me. Some of us build thicker armor than others but we all strive to protect ourselves from hurt.

Giving yourself entirely over to the care of another is terrifying. Love makes human beings vulnerable. Physical intimacy can be a dance of control, or a waltz of shared pleasure when we entrust our own pleasure to the care of another. That particular vulnerability terrifies us on some level. That’s why so many relationships are push/pull, advance and withdraw.

Opening up who we really are and entrusting our inmost being to another is even scarier. It is easier to wear masks and hide behind them. Sometimes, we even use masks in solitude to avoid looking too deeply at our own emotions, weaknesses, and failures. The trouble with hiding is we also suppress our joys, talents, and the things that make each person uniquely wonderful.

True intimacy requires that we drop the protection, allow the fears to dissipate and let those wonderful things rise to the surface. It feels dangerous but, with the right person who loves us as we really are, it is the source of our happiness.

Love really is worth the risk.

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