On Outlaws

Highlighting Historical Romance with Patricia Preston on that outlaw Frank James. I did a lot of research on the James-Younger gang for Almost an Outlaw and for this blog post I’m sharing the real-life romance of Frank James, Jesse’s older brother, and the love of his life, Ann Ralston. She was a schoolteacher.  A pretty brunette, […]

Victorian Spy Gadgets: What Every Lady Pinkerton Needs

Highlighting Historical Romance: Adrienne deWolfe In Devil in Texas, my romantic, Western Whodunit, I yearned to give cool spy gadgets to Sadie, my Lady Pinkerton, so she could outwit sinister masterminds. The trouble was, I figured readers would scoff at my outlandish ideas: “A smoke bomb that functions as a button? A mini gun hidden […]

Highlighting Historical Fiction: Bonnie S. Johnston

Bonnie has kindly shared this wonderful article about the writing of The Dark Side of the Mountain, previously published August 10, 2015 for the Great Lakes Historical Novel Society. ____________________________________________________ Decades ago I began to research my ancestors, a time-consuming, but enjoyable hobby for many years. During the course of my findings I tried to […]