The Reluctant Wife

TheReluctantWife2-187x300 When all else fails, love succeeds…

Captain Fred Wheatly’s comfortable life on the fringes of Bengal comes crashing down around him when his mistress dies, leaving him with two children he never expected to have to raise. When he chooses justice over army regulations, he’s forced to resign his position, leaving him with no way to support his unexpected family. He’s already had enough failures in his life. The last thing he needs is an attractive, interfering woman bedeviling his steps, reminding him of his duties.

All widowed Clare Armbruster needs is her brother’s signature on a legal document to be free of her past. After a failed marriage, and still mourning the loss of a child, she’s had it up to her ears with the assumptions she doesn’t know how to take care of herself, that what she needs is a husband, and with a great lout of a captain who can’t figure out what to do with his daughters. If only the frightened little girls didn’t need her help so badly.

Clare has made mistakes in the past. Can she trust Fred now? Can she trust herself? Captain Wheatly isn’t ashamed of his aristocratic heritage, but he doesn’t need his family and they’ve certainly never needed him. But with no more military career and two half-caste daughters to support, Fred must turn once more—as a failure—to the family he failed so often in the past. Can two hearts rise above past failures to forge a future together?

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Fred first appeared as a boy in A Dangerous Nativity, along with his brother Rand, who is now a timber baron in upper Canada, and his cousin Charles, a duke who is a powerful government official with interests in places from Philadelphia and Madras to Canton, China.

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Night Owl Reviews

Top Pick Take the journey with Fred and Clare and see what is in store for them. This is another wonderful book by Caroline Warfield and I cannot wait to read more.

Readers’ Favorite Reviews

The interaction between Fred and his children tugs at the heartstrings, and the courage and patience of Clare will have you rooting for Fred and Clare as a couple long before they realize how strong is their attraction.

The-Reluctant-Wife-300x200 InD’Tale Magazine

Crowned Heart of Excellence “One will alternate between wonder, chuckles, heavenly sighs, and the urge to smack Fred upside his stubborn head, but it is all worth it in the end.”




Snippets of backstory:

Scandal in Calcutta

Weeks_Edwin_Festival_At_Fatehpur_Sikri-300x245 “Dehrapur itself gave him reason to stay. If he looked beyond the cantonment, he’d see mountains rise majestically toward the sky. If the summers scorched a man’s skin and the monsoons swamped his gear, the jasmine and passion flowers made up for it.”

Bivouac in the desert: they traveled to England via the “camel route” to Meghal’s delight.


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