Cartoon_Woman_Drinking_Coffee_While_Using_A_Computer.svg_-293x300 But First Coffee When I start a new book, I plunge in. I hope my starting point will hold, but sometimes it doesn’t. I had to delete and entire first chapter more than once. Early days I’m in a bit of a dance with my characters, just getting acquainted while introducing them to my readers. I am back and forth between character background forms, research, and the rough draft. Some days the words come very slowly, never flowing as I know they will once the story finds its groove.

An Unlikely Duke is just squeaking out of that phase. I’m plodding along, but the broad outline of the story has taken shape in my head, the H/h and their antagonists have gotten clearer and I’m moving steadily.

Don’t forget Duke in All But name comes out June 1! Watch for me to be visiting all over Facebook from the last week in May through the first week in June. For now, back to work. But first, coffee.


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