Do Clothes Make the Duke?

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I’m working so hard to catch up, I haven’t had much time for blog posts lately! This one is easy though. Our duke has been living on the edges of civilization along the Mississippi after being beaten, robbed and left for dead. The miscreants have been caught and he’s to testify. The prosecutor is determined he make a good impression. As to the knife, well, you’ll have to read Duke in Name Only.


Phillip opened the door to let the man in. Across the hall Nan stood in hers, a book clutched to her lush chest. He could only smile with what he hoped was care and commiseration, keeping a tight leash on the temptation to ask her to join in the fitting, something sure to horrify the tailor and get back to Welling.

An hour later he studied himself in coat, waistcoat, and a plain cravat reflected in the mirror while the little tailor hemmed his trousers. The ensemble would see him, if not barred from Whites, spoken about with sly comments and disparaging tones behind his back there. Two years before he himself would have turned up his nose at it. Today, after four months in homespun shirt and cotton trousers held up by a remainder piece of rope, he stood a bit taller and felt a bit more like himself.

He turned this way and that. Welling might be determined to turn the trial into high drama but Phillip had to admit  to the man’s wisdom. He would impress a jury in this outfit, at least a jury on the fringe of civilization. A random thought made him grin at himself. Where would he carry his knife in this suit?

Note: excerpts from works in progress may have not yet been edited, will likely undergo change, and may not even make it into the final work!

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