MidWinter Madness

A few of you may have missed me lately. For a while I was focused on writing Duke in Name Only, and then… I’ve been very focused on Beloved who has been ill and spent 16 days in the hospital. I’m pleased to announce that he is home, feels better than he has since summer, and doing extremely well.

Meanwhile, two anthologies come out this month, Belles&Beaux and A Duke in Winter, to keep you entertained before and after Christmas.

The first is a treat for this week! Belles & Beaux.

You can still preorder for $0.99 Release Date: December 15th***

Just in time for Christmas 2022 comes this boxed set of eight charming stories of love, family, and miracles. Each Belle has contributed a tale set in the festive season–one just long enough to fit in between tasks at this busy time of the year. The tales are unrelated, except for the festive season.

So order your copy now for the opportunity to pour the drink of your choice, find a favorite chair, and step into one of our worlds: https://books2read.com/BellesBeaux

My story is Room at the Inn, previously available only as a gift to newsletter subscribers. A fatherless child requires a village with room in their hearts. A hardhearted baroness makes it impossible. The Honorable Declan Alworth steps up to make room in his heart and his home for the little treasure. How can the vicar’s niece, Maera Willis, resist either one of them?

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