Knee Deep in September

IMG_4666-225x300 But First Coffee I hope you had a wonderful summer. I’m not sure where mine went! It certainly was a busy one. The garden and I battled lack of rain, and about broke even. The Upright Son, final book in The Ashmead Heirs came out June 28. Since then I completed another novel (Duke in All But Name due out in December) and a novella (a fun little piece for A Duke in Winter, due in late November) and assembled three of my older novellas into a single volume, Wounded Hearts, which will launch just b before Veteran’s (aka Remembrance) Day.

Duke in All But Name is with the Dragonblade editors now. It is the story of Gideon Kendrick, the supposed bastard oldest son of the Duke of Glenmoor. If you read The Defiant Daughter you may recall there is some question about his illegitimacy, but If he’s legitimate it means his younger brother, the current duke, is not. Oh dear. I’m working on the sequel, Duke in Name Only now. When I get covers for that series I will create pages here.

This week I’m editing the novella for Duke in Winter, finishing up a short story to give to my newsletter subscribers (if you don’t subscribe you may want to do that quickly), and formatting Wounded Hearts. Hopefully by next Monday I’ll be deep into Duke in Name Only. coffee-too-300x193 But First Coffee I hope to get back to regular Monday updates, but September evaporates quickly, especially since Beloved and I are leaving for the Historical Romance Retreat in San Diego September 27. If you live nearby, think about attending or at least pop into the great book sale on Saturday afternoon, October 1 at the Westgate Hotel. Rumor has it Julia Quinn will be there.

So much to do! But first, Coffee.

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