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I travel. Sometimes I travel by boat, plane, or automobile. Sometimes I travel by book. Sometimes I explore the real world. This week I flew back and forth between three country estates with Alina K. Field and The Impetuous Heiress. Luckily we had comfortable carriages and delightful company, because we sped between two houses in Bedfordshire, one the house of a curmudgeonly old grandfather, long estranged. We darted off to Leicestershire and the arms off a family more welcoming than we expected. We actually went back and forth! All along the road, heart stirring romance took root, stumbled briefly, and flourished. We enjoyed the company of a number of strong, talented women—only one, alas, a villain—and some lovely caring men. My what a satisfying journey!

About the Book

akf-200x300 Caroline's Rambles When dashing Fitzhenry Lovelace escorted sensible Mary Elizabeth Parker to a once in a lifetime meeting with her estranged grandfather, an unexpected romance bloomed that had nothing to do with her grandfather’s immense wealth. Throwing caution to the wind, sensible Miss Parker said a wholehearted yes to Fitz. But before they could finalize their nuptials, a family emergency called Fitz away. Then he stopped answering her letters.

Months pass and the Yuletide arrives, and Miss Parker faces the fact that her impetuosity has led to a Dilemma. Then word arrives that her ruthless mother and stepfather, suspecting a possible inheritance, are descending upon her with a horrid replacement for Fitz in tow. Miss Parker bolts, but her meddling cousin plans an unexpected stop on the journey.

Having made a hash of his finances and neglected the lady he still loves, Fitz, now Lord Loughton, realizes he must make amends with the woman he still loves. But before he can act, Miss Parker arrives on his doorstep. He soon senses more is amiss with her than just his careless courtship. Can he uncover her secrets and win her back before he loses her altogether?


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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed Fitz’ and Mel’s story, despite all the dashing back and forth! It was a joy to share their story with readers.

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