The Water Flows

Good news, friends. My efforts last week paid off. The water, which is to say my creativity, appears to be flowing again. Sometimes it is dancing waters. Sometimes just a steady flow, but it is moving.

fountain But First Coffee

I made great progress on The Upright Son, although I confess to you that I notified the publisher that it will be a month late. God love Dragonblade! They are nothing but encouraging. I know the girls in the basement are back on the job because in one morning I had bits and flashes that amounted to opening scenes in three more books. Yes, that is THREE, including books for the duke and his brother from The Defiant Daughter.

If I can get 10,000 words written on The Upright Son this week, maybe I’ll find time to create a page and tag line for it! But first, coffee.

coffee-too But First Coffee

3 thoughts on “The Water Flows

  1. Only those who try to be creative all the time can relate. When it’s a “mood strikes” sort of thing, it’s not an important thing.

    (Website still in development)

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