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I travel. Sometimes I travel by boat, plane, or automobile. Sometimes I travel by book. Sometimes I explore the real world. This week I rambled to Stonehaven, seat of the Duke of Mar in Scotland, with Meara Platt and Lord Lucas Lyon.

I will leave to your imagination, dear reader, what happens when a lovely—frankly gorgeous—young woman of character and a virile young man are forced to travel for several days in close company or the complications that ensue when he discovers she’s his employer’s daughter.

As to me, i was delighted to reach Stonehaven in the company of Lord Lucas and his handsome brothers on time for the Pagan Moon festival and the opportunity to see all the males in Stonehaven, led by the pride of Lyons, of course, take their annual dip in the sea in the altogether. Oh my. You may want to come along.

About the Book: Lyon in the Rough

516T0NYpUxL._SL500_-200x300 Caroline's Rambles Proud Scottish brothers, Cheyne, Matthew, and Lucas are known as the Lyons of Mar. Cheyne and Matthew have fallen in love and married their brides, will Lucas be next?

Lucas Lyon thought he could escape the matchmaking schemes of his distant relation, Bessie Dove-Lyon, by waiting for the morning of his departure from London to visit her. But she is ready for him, and he leaves her Lyon’s Den to return to Edinburgh not only with the beautiful Beatrix MacGlory in tow, but her overly perfumed aunt and her aunt’s little yipping dog.

Will he survive the ten day journey in a cramped carriage with those three? More important, will he keep his hands off Beatrix? He is falling in love with her, but she is returning to Edinburgh for an arranged betrothal to another man.

Since when has that stopped Lucas from claiming what he wants?

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