Rambling Through York

rambles-3-1024x420 Caroline's Rambles

Various characters visit various parts of the city, and now York has moved very high up on my real life travel list. I long to wander through The Shambles, view the city from the top of the medieval Clifford’s Tower (and shudder over some of its darker history), gape in awe at York Minster, the great cathedral, and soak up some Viking and Roman history while I do it. Our character did all of that. Of course they also danced in the stunning York Assembly Rooms. I can’t do that, but I could have lunch there, and you bet I will. When I visit. SIGH.

Clifford Caroline's Rambles
Clifford’s Tower
The_Shambles_York_O58127 Caroline's Rambles
The Shambles
yorkassembly Caroline's Rambles
The York Assembly Rooms

You are going to love this collection of stories, but you’ll have to wait until Spring. My character is one of the earl’s daughters who (gasp) works for her living as a caterer and cook.

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