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Autumn in Ashmead 

October is here at last. Today the urban wilds of eastern Pennsylvania dawned cool, crisp, and touched with just a bit of color in the trees.

I’ve been spending my time in Ashmead quite a bit lately, working diligently on Book 3, The Forgotten Daughter. There are new friends, new challenges, and even a baby or two to report. 

Today I’m wondering what Autumn is like there. I’m thinking Lucy will be harvesting honey, careful to leave her precious bees enough for the coming winter.  I wonder if anyone ever bought the apple orchard Lucy considered.

The Willow most likely adds fresh-pressed cider to its offerings, though their famous ale probably holds its own in popularity. Will Mr. Benson set some aside to ferment? With winter coming he might freeze that hard cider and pour off the applejack that reminds. Potent drink, that. I wonder if he’d object to the Highland whisky I caught Rob serving Eli in London the other day.

The big news in October? Lady Madelyn’s story, The Defiant Daughter, will release on October 21. Much of it takes place in autumn, but for some reason, the woman wandered off to Wales. She’ll be back for Twelfth Night, however.

There is no doubt apple pie on the menu at the Willow this month. I know there’s some in my kitchen. I have work to do! The Forgotten Daughter won’t write itself. But first. coffee. And pie.

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