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coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee
Good Monday morning!

First the good news. The Defiant Daughter is now available for Pre-order. I can’t say how delighted I am.

In less good news, after two weeks of dithering, I decided to cancel out of Romancing the Gold Coast. I am so sorry to let people down, but I am apparently just not ready to face airports and three days in a hotel, especially meeting rooms full of folks. We have immunity issues in our house and we’re finding fewer people in masks where we go. Coupled with all the anti-vaccine talk we’ve become very cautious. Again. SIGH I was so looking forward to it. If you’re all vaccinated and braver than I, do go. It sounds wonderful.

If those first two items are a green light and a red light, the rest of my days are in orange light caution lately. I’m already a week or two behind the pace I need to be at to get The Forgotten Daughter in on time, and I have company this week. I’m off to, as they say in Hamilton, write like I’m running out of time. But first, coffee.

TDD-GRAPHIC-1024x731 But First Coffee

3 thoughts on “Another One Out There

  1. Totally understand your decision to avoid the Gold Coast. That gives you more time to finish your WIPs!

  2. Here in Idaho, the pandemic seems unstoppable. I had a doctor’s appointment today and had to use my counseling skills with him. He never sees patients outside his specialty and rarely in the hospital. He is now in the rotation. Hospital capacity, 175. Patients, 230. Patients argue with him about his decisions, and he tells me that has become normal for every specialty in the system. He felt comfortable “dumping” on me because he reads my column and agrees with it.
    I just canceled a writing camp on the Oregon coast for the same reason you canceled your event., except that I don’t dare have a severe traffic accident while ER and hospital bed space is so restricted. Blah and Ugg!

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