Weary and Sad

coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee

The week dawns with your author weary and sad. The end of last week and the weekend brought several phone calls about friends and associates in health crises, some of them covid-related, and the unrelenting drum beat of bad news from California, Louisiana, Haiti, and Afghanistan.

It is down right debilitating! But I managed to make it to Brunch with the Belles, did three pieces of vital research related to The Forgotten Daughter (the price of a man’s suit in 1818 for one), watched the remaining episodes of The Chosen and two more of Ted Lasso Season 2, and addressed a looming tomato crisis. I now have several jars of sauce in my fridge and a couple more pages in my work-in-process.

This week I plan to complete another 12,000 words in The Forgotten Daughter. Really. But first, coffee.

3 thoughts on “Weary and Sad

  1. Some weeks delight. Some are to be endured. But all things work to the good.

  2. Hang in there. Unfortunately life throws more lemons than posies. But you’re writing, which is great.
    where did you find the price of a man’s suit? I know the price of relatively cheap ones made in shops from set sizes [in under 9 hours a selling point] and livery suits and the price Prinny paid for his clothes, and would tend to extrapolate between the two – working on the difference between semi-bespoke now and fully bespoke being about ten times as much for someone going to Schultz or Weston or the like.
    A good juicy bit of research well tackled is always good for the feel-good factor. Thinking of you!

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