New Book; New World

I’ve been forced to spend more time lately dealing with Real Life rather than my fictional worlds lately but I’m taking a moment out to remind everyone that Thursday will see the release of not only a new book but a new Caroline Warfield fictional world.

The Wayward Son launches on Thursday and will be available for purchase or to be read on Kindle Unlimited.

It marks the first book in an entirely new universe, the world of Ashmead, a village in the English Midlands. At its heart is The Willow and the Rose, and its proprietor, Robert Benson the Elder. You can learn more about that world and the people who reside in it in the Guides section of Caroline Warfield’s Fellow Travelers. I’ll be adding more character profiles this week. See you there!

But first, coffee.

external-content.duckduckgo.com_-1024x1024 But First Coffee

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