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coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee

It was a busy weekend here in the urban wilds of eastern Pennsylvania. Bright sunshine alternated with sheets of rain and flooded streets. We planted some small maple trees. They are rescues from previous years’ weeding that survived life in pots long enough to be planted. Brunch with the Belles’ on Saturday got into Why We Write. The answer to that conundrum appears to be, because we’re compelled to tell stories.

I spent part of Saturday reading Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin, and taking notes for The Value of Pity. The heroine, Athena Mallet, also thinks in pictures and prone to sensory overload. I also caught up with my blog schedule, registered for the 2021 Historical Romance Retreat in San Diego, and assembled my June newsletter. With so much going on—two books launching in July, one in October, cooperative marketing agreements, and two works in progress—I anticipate getting one out much more often this year, every six weeks or so.

The Defiant Daughter is still resting, and a very good friend arrives tomorrow for a week. We’re going to hit some of the gardens in this area and generally enjoy catching up. I plan to chip away at The Forgotten Daughter most mornings, however. Like today. But first, coffee.

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