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Writing is writing isn’t it? I began a family history sixteen years ago and issued chapters to Beloved’s brothers and his many, many, many nieces and nephews as a binder, adding bits as I finished them. After putting it off for several years after out big move, I decided to get the last two chapters written once and for all. This weekend I knuckled down on the final one, folders open, Ancestry fired up, census, cemetery, and directory reports scattered all over the office. It will get done this week, and I’m trying not to think about The Defiant Daughter. After all, writing is writing, but it won’t get the novel done.

We will send these last two out in December to everyone who got a binder at the start of the project. Sometime during 2021, I hope to take all the multiple files in multiple formats (some out of date) that make up the project into a single, formatted, print-read file and edit the darn thing. That will enable us to distribute print or ebook to everyone who lost theirs, grew up since we started, or otherwise just want a copy.

Finishing up the last chapter and a major holiday will take up most of this week, but I will make sure I at least open the work in progress so I keep my head in the story. Except, I really do have to write the holiday story I promised my newsletter subscribers, don’t I?

I better get busy; but first, coffee.

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