Coffee and Sudden Turns

 But First Coffee

The work took a sudden turn two weeks ago. I didn’t start The Defiant Daughter until I had a firm handle on the main characters. At least I thought I did. My hold on the external conflict, or as I have come to call it “the villain plot” was less secure.

I plunged in and wrote about 20% of the book before I realized my planned subplot would not work. I had once again wandered into the weeds of history, justice, and the lure of distant places, and none of it fit the Ashmead Heirs series…or even the lovely hero I had scoped out. A few long walks later it all slipped into place, and the book unfolded in my head. (I love it when it does that.) Even better, over half of what I had already writing was adaptable. I’m back on schedule. Life is good.

Last week I cruised through three days of serious writing and limped through two days of letting the rain get me down. Sunday: Holiday Escapes went live at multiple retailers. Today: Sunshine and words on paper. But first? Coffee.

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