Laboring on Labor Day

I’m already two mugs in today, folks. The good news is I finished a short story –it will be my gift to all my newsletter subscribers. I also finished an ebook cover for it this morning.

I’ve begun writing The Cost of Money (The name is iffy. Maybe The Snare of Riches). At the same time I’m continuing to bring more depth to the character charts. i’m reading about Plant Hunters, an eccentric group of victorian botany freaks–my hero is one. He thinks it will make him rich!

I got back beta copies for my story for the Bluestocking Belle’s 2021 collection, but I have two weeks to get the edits done, so I plan to focus on the novel this week.

In other good news, I got my flu shot this morning. This is one winter in which I’m taking zero chances.

That’s the update from here, but heads up: A newsletter is coming with a gift–a new short story. When I move to a monthly newsletter “But first coffee…” will likely migrate to the newsletter.

But still, coffee.

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