While tap dancing. And balancing a ball on my nose.

 But First Coffee

I typed those wonderful words at the bottom of my novella for the Bluestocking Belles’ next collection: The End. Which means of course, the beginning of more work. I have until Friday to work my way through it in the first of what will be several run-throughs before I have to turn it in to beta readers. In this stage I’m trying to catch typos, identify plot holes and contractions, and, if I’m lucky, polish the language and get the words right. Watch for more about that story soon. It will probably begin turning up in The Teatime Tattler soon.

I’m also working on a more personal project. I have promised the family two more chapters to a family history Beloved and I have been producing in pieces for fifteen years. We issued it in a three hole binder so we could continue to update and add to it. However, I’m a much better writer than I was in 2005, and I have access to much better tools for formatting and publishing. After I get those chapters written, I plan to go back over the whole text and re-issue it in book form.

At the same time, I’m deep into pre-writing for The Cost of Money. Last week I was scouring the Internet for information on Flora-medicine, Pharmaceutical Botany, and Victorian Plant Hunters. This week? I think I’ll go back to basic character development.

Add a possible new gig at church, the house, the garden, the everlasting weeds… You know, the usual and it will be a packed week. I better get busy. But first? Coffee.

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