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It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

W. L. Watkinson

These are dark times. Regarding George Floyd, my outrage is so great, I have no words. No that isn’t correct, I have too many words, some angry, some filled with sorrow, all full of outrage (but alas not shock) that one human being could treat another so savagely. So many I could choke on them. Black lives matter. LIFE matters.

Institutional racism and policing that looks the other way must end. I’m proud of those who are peacefully standing up to say “no more,” and of police officers who kneel in solidarity with them.

I am human. I accept and steep upon my own heart the outrage over long-term injustice of those whose actions have turned violent, but I grieve for the damage not only to property, to hearts, and to public institutions, but especially to the memory of George Floyd because I grieve when behavior delays or derails systemic change, pulls attention away from the main issue.

I am weak in my isolation. My candle is small, but I do my best to keep it lit. I hope I can cause at least one person joy today. I will try to keep working on my books. Today? Sorrow before coffee.

cup-of-coffee-e1544453390981 But First Coffee

2 thoughts on “Sorrow

  1. You spoke for me there and thousands if people in the world will and has agree with what was read,thank you a million times over and over

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