Mother’s Day Joy

“It wasn’t a typical Mother’s Day, but I’ll take it.” I heard that more than once yesterday, and I felt the same. Our phone began ringing early Sunday morning, and the electronic cards came quickly as well. Joy on all sides! Friends reported the same. Most of us would have preferred hugs and family around the table, but love, well love is always good to have.

Frederick_Morgan03 But First Coffee

In our case the nearby folks turned up on the patio—well masked and at a distance—with a fabulous owl-shaped mug and a orchid. It was good to see them on bright sunny afternoon. As to the rest of my day, being treated like a queen has me quite pleased with life.

Hill_Cup_of_tea But First Coffee

I confess the last several days left me a bit harried. Music on the Waters went live on Thursday. I had three day’s warning and no marketing plan so I was running. With the help of my friends in Pen and Muse on Facebook and most especially, my beloved Bluestocking Belles it had a creditable launch. I had the opportunity for some blog placement too. I’ve added the links to the Music on the Waters page if you’d like to read them.

In the middle of it all I finished a key scene in The Wayward Son. I’m anxious to be back to it. But first, coffee.

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