Sunshine and Flowers

It remains nippy here and spring rains have been abundant, but there’s enough sun to brighten up my mood. (I’ve ever been prone the seasonal affective despond) Another round of flowers has decided to pop now that the daffodils, forsythia, and tulip trees have faded. I give to you my dogwood tree:

Which is to say, life is good. The Easter Octave is chock full of good readings. My tomato starts developed “true” leaves and I repotted them into peat pots. Walks around the block (carefully avoiding people) and a conversation or two with family from twelve feet away have been possible. Good, but not without challenges. I had a notion I should post an announcement every day telling people what day of the week it is, if only to remind myself!

IMG-3784-scaled But First Coffee

Consequently, work has gotten done. Wayward sun is over half way done. I spent last week cleaning up false starts and dead ends now that I have my villains sorted. I have high hopes to hit 2000 words a day this week. I’m also finishing up a class in advertising on Amazon. On the won hand I’ve learned a ton about the mechanics, keywords categories, ad copy and so on, so far none of my ads has had much traction. It has allowed me to take a good hard look at all the marketing mistakes I made with Christmas Hope, and the challege of promoting a book that is so far out of the genre my readers are used to.

This week? Add 10,000 words to The Wayward Son, do a round of promotion for Music on the Waters, write a blog post or two and finish that Ad class. But first? Coffee.

cup-of-coffee But First Coffee

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  1. Your dogwood looks spectacular, and I’m envious of your progress on your book. We are into autumn. I must post some of our autumn leaves, in their glorious variety. Turmoil abounds, but life goes on.

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