It’s a Puzzle

Along with toilet paper, baby chicks, and hand sanitizer, the great covid-19 lockdown has produced a run on jigsaw puzzles. Luckily our house was prepared. Beloved got two big ones for Christmas and we have not yet had to break out our previous stock.

IMG-3791-scaled But First Coffee

Progress, and yet, confusion. Not unlike the state of the country, no?

We are beyond blessed here on our little island, plenty of food, a roof over our head, an income, but enormous concern about what is going outside our four walls. And work: thank God I have work to do.

Yes, I am also blessed with work to do: Stories to write, books to promote, people to check on. Over the weekend you may have seen me on Rue Allyn’s Featured Author —if you want to know what I write, there’s a bit about what I read. Or you may have seen Give Me an Island and a Good Book, my take on life on a desert island, for the Soul Mate Publishing Authors’ blog.

Tomorrow I’m taking over Amanda Mariel’s Scandalous Ladies and Gent’s Readers group on Facebook to talk about Music on the Waters and my collection of heroes.

I’ve been slow to wake up this morning, but I expect to be working away on The Wayward Son, but first, coffee.

fffa3330130545f3eec1b8970aaf7727-morning-coffee-funny-funny-turtle-1 But First Coffee

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  1. I love doing jigsaw puzzles it helps me to relaxed and get my thoughts organized

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