My March came roaring in like a lion, how about yours? Actually, the weather isn’t bad. The sun shown all day Sunday and today? Sunny and sixty. Winter prowls back in later this week though. The roaring was more, well, Life.

Briton_Rivière_-_Phoebus_Apollo_1895 But First Coffee

Daughter number two is in the middle of moving nearer to us, and it has been one of those situations where things just keep falling into place—the hand of a provident God no doubt—but it has been a rush! Stressful as well. I won’t pretend otherwise, but we’re all going with the flow. Meanwhile Beloved’s routine eye checkup has led to follow up with the cataract docs, and he’s scheduled for surgery. Again, good news, but extra appointments and running back and forth are on the horizon.

202_169_quijote_cap17-1-scaled But First Coffee

Observant folks that we are, Lent brings some added complications to the schedule, again the good kind, with an extra dose of spirituality and Church commitments. So you can see life has been roaring around my household.

What does this have to do with my writing? Doing that character work for The Wayward Son caused that story to begin tumbling into place. I took a look at what I’ve written so far and realized that a better beginning, one that shot sparks of the hero and heroine right out of the chute, would fire the project so I took a step back to rewrite the fist two chapters. Twice. I’m not meeting my page goals, precisely, but the book is, well, roaring along.

1024px-Briton_Rivière_-_Una_and_the_Lion But First Coffee

Today, I plan to get deeper into the characters for The Value of Money, which has been growling in my ear as well. Perhaps both books will come along like lambs this week.

But first, coffee.

One thought on “Lions

  1. Wonderful news re ‘daughter #2’!
    Prayer for successful surgery, healing & recovery for your Beloved! Looking forward to your next books!
    Now on with the day!


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