Hope and Snowdrops

Look what I found in my yard over the weekend. There were many of them in the woods along the creek as well.

IMG-3673 But First Coffee

What joy! The daffodil buds are yellow and about to open and the dogwood is covered with buds too. This is excellent. While Beloved and I are more or less avoiding crowds and public places (or practicing “social distancing” as they call it) until we see how the virus develops, it is good to be able to walk outside so we don’t succumb to cabin fever. And then there is this:

IMG-3675-scaled But First Coffee

My mother always said there would be three snows after the forsythia bloomed. I hope she’s wrong! I’m ready for spring, even if I do have to get weeds out the flower bed and plant my Dahlia bulbs.

We have no problems, but self-quarantine seems wise for Beloved, who is high risk. Social distancing sounds even more useful than constant use of hand sanitizer. One thing about keeping to the house: plenty of time to write. But first, coffee.

cup-of-coffee But First Coffee

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