Hearts and Flowers

So Valentine’s Day. Do you love it or hate it? You may think that for romance authors it might be one of the most important days of their work year. Perhaps that isn’t so from a writing and planning point of view, but it does make for a great promotional opportunity. Last week’s 1814 Frost Faire blog hop is over (and let me just say it was a big success), but guess what? This week I’m participating in a Facebook event—The Great Historical Romance Valentine’s Hop. The grand prize is a BIG Amazon gift card and thirteen books including Fire & Frost. I’ll be giving away Valentines From Bath at the stop on my own page.

 But First Coffee

But Valentine’s day is more than that. On a personal note, it is a very big day in our house. In addition to all that romance, it is Beloved’s birthday. The valentine hearts are all well and good, but we have reason to celebrate the other kind of hearts—his beating one—and the cardiologists who keep it going. There’s a reason why February is American Heart Month. I wrote about our story for Cathy Brockman’s blog, if you want to know more.

 But First Coffee

As to the work, my coaching inn story has a working title. I’m calling it The Wayword Son for now. It is moving along nicely, but the sequel to The Price of Glory is stuck on the opening scene. I need to do some character work for that one. This week, I’ll be off on a journey much of the week, but I’ll be chipping away at both stories. I’m writing this morning, but first coffee.

cup-of-coffee But First Coffee

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