First Come the Characters

Oh lovely day! The sun is up and I have a spring in my step. I finally understand why the heroine of The Wayward Son is so obsessed with managing the small estate that has been in her keeping for a few years waiting for the true heir to appear. Knowing my characters intimately is the only thing that lets me understand the story I’m writing. Without them I have no plot.

Since I’m attempting to write two books at once, I put aside time every week for what I call “Character Work,” not to be confused with story writing. I use it to get acquainted with the folk I write about. It gives them a chance to talk to me. Honest.

I only have a scene or two done for The Cost of Money, but I know Archimedes Mallet has been tossed from university in Edinburgh for upsetting one of the professors. The heroine and her family will offer him a job, and they plan to emigrate to New Zealand. He’s a botanist; they own a nursery. I need to spend time getting better acquainted! But first, coffee!

 But First Coffee

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