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post2 But First Coffee

September is upon on us and temptation looms to declare it Fall and begin posting pumpkins. Summer, however, is hanging around a while longer. We went to a baseball game yesterday and toasted in the sun over beer and peanuts while our team just could not work up the energy to win.

Rather than pumpkins, I give you my sad looking tomato plants. It has been a rough summer. There was both too much rain and too much heat. The little darlings couldn’t handle it. We’re still picking tomatoes, however, and the crop is yummy so that’s a win. Our pepper plants on the other hand thrived in the same weather. We’ve been eating them stuffed, sliced over Mediterranean beef, and in salads. Go figure!

post-1 But First Coffee

That’s life around here. The work rumbles on. Last week I managed 12-1500 words a day on the Price of Glory while also starting a made to order story, adding final edited copy of Christmas Hope to various services, sketching down notes for the sequel to Price of Glory, and finishing the second beta version of my novella for the next Belles anthology. I hope this week goes as well. But first, coffee.

IMG_0370-1024x768 But First Coffee

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