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Highlighting Historical Romance with Carrie Lomax and research into women’s medical history

In researching The Lost Lord —as always happens when delving into the past—more interesting facts than I need for the story I’m telling.

One of these is the history of Caesarian sections. (Don’t worry – you won’t have to read about the procedure in my books!)

I was astounded to discover that the first recorded successful C-section in the British Empire was conducted by Dr. James Barry, sometime between 1815 and 1821, in South Africa. Dr. Barry was born Margaret Ann Bulky in Ireland. Margaret assumed the identity of James Barry as a teenager and lived as a man until her death in 1865. Dr. Barry served in Cape Town, South Africa, for 10 years. It is during this time he successfully performed the operation. (I use “he” as that was his preferred pronoun in life.)

However, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, there had been reports of indigenous people performing successful C-sections well prior to D. Barry’s arrival. Wine was used to semi-anesthetize the mother and sterilize the incision site. Notably, these procedures were successful well prior to Western surgeries. For comparison, no woman is recorded to have survived a C-section in Paris between 1787 and 1876, due to poor sanitary practices and misunderstanding of female physiology.

Aren’t you glad women and babies are far more likely to survive today thanks to improved medical care?

The Lost Lord is the third and final book in the London Scandals series. Richard Northcote, the “spare” to the Briarcliff earldom, expected to inherit the title until his long-lost brother, Edward, returned (London Scandals Book 1, The Wild Lord). Richard’s resentment toward his brother’s led to an accidental fire that killed their father. He is banished to New York City, where Richard’s tale of redemption begins.

About the Book: The Lost Lord

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A tragic accident cost Richard Northcote’s father his life. Banished from England, he has patched together a life for himself at the fringes of New York high society. Adrift and guilt-ridden, Richard spends his nights with a notorious seductress who hatches a scheme to seduce her wealthy but frail friend and take her fortune. Powerless to escape his lover’s blackmail Richard soon discovers the real treasure is the woman in his arms…


Miriam Walsh never expected to find love, much less marry. Severe asthma attacks keep her nurse and overprotective father hovering over every move. But one evening with the mysterious English nobleman, Lord Richard Northcote, has Miriam dreaming of adventures beyond her limited experiences. But is the promise in his kiss only a practiced lie?


After a whirlwind courtship, they set sail to London. Before they arrive, however, Richard and Miriam’s fragile romance is storm-tossed by a shocking revelation. Will Miriam’s compassion overcome her sense of betrayal? Can Richard ever forgive himself and redeem himself in the eyes of society, his family, and the woman he loves more than life itself?

Buy Links:

The Wild Lord (book 1, mentioned in my Historical Background): https://amzn.to/2ZDPENk

The Lost Lord (book 3, the one being featured): https://amzn.to/2MPIzTF

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Carrie Lomax writes steamy contemporary and sweeter historical romance. Her well-reviewed contemporary Say You Will  trilogy is currently available on Kindle Unlimited. Carrie was a finalist in the 2018 Virginia Fool for Love contest for her historical romance, To Win a Wicked Widow.
After a stint teaching English in France, she moved to New York City for 15 years, where she acquired a pair of graduate degrees, a husband and a career as a librarian. She lives in Maryland with two budding readers and her real-life romantic hero.

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