Running as Fast as I Can

Sorry I’m late this morning! Two mugs of coffee in, a flurry of pressing tasks checked off, and I still haven’t gotten to the main task: The Price of Glory manuscript. I feel like the guy in this picture, running as fast as I can and just hoping to get to first base.

Baseball_by_Boston_Public_Library But First Coffee

So yesterday I spent most of the day wallowing in the AC (it being frigging hot here in the urban wilds of eastern Pennsylvania) and working on the dreaded marketing for Christmas Hope. I decided on a blog tour firm because –well, why not. I finished the media kit and excerpt attachment. I cleaned up my Advance Review Copy team, aka people who can review it early. I’m using BookSprout to manage the copies this time and so far I like it. If you have an interest pop me an email.

In other words I’m throwing money and time at the book, with no real idea what works and what doesn’t and hoping I at least break even. I’m swinging for the stands and hoping for a home run, but I fear it may be more like a bouncing base hit. I won’t go down swinging, but the odds of a pop fly are very high.

Also this weekend I: published an article on the Great Peace of Montreal for History Imagined, recruited authors for Highlighting Historical Romance (you should have some great content from them this fall), printed labels for my swag for the Historical Romance Retreat, shopped for groceries, chatted up my children, spent time with beloved, watched the Phillies win and then lose, and watched Mary Queen of Scots (Heavy. Almost TOO accurate). In the middle the edits for Christmas Hope arrived. I’m afraid to look.

This morning a flurry of things I owed to people nosed their way in first thing. So now I’m off to work on that manuscript. But first, more coffee.

bb But First Coffee

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