One of the most satisfying things for a writer is typing The End on a rough draft. It isn’t the actual end of the process (layers of fixes, rewrites, comments from beta readers, editing, and formatting lie ahead), but it is the point at which the thing exists. I had a moment like that last week. I didn’t get to type The End due to the nature of the project, but it amounted to the same thing.

You may recall that I published novellas set in WWI for two different Bluestocking Belles anthologies. One takes place in 1916 and the other in 1919. I play to re-release them in in single volume that includes new material for 1917-18. Last week I finished the new material and the volume is assembled. Each year ends on Christmas and I’ve titled the new volume Christmas Hope. An editor has been hired, a cover is in process, and I plan to release it in October. I’m pleased to give Harry and Rosemarie their own book.

41215852_10210088600250530_6867847620509827072_n Author's Blog But First Coffee

So by Friday, my head was back into Egypt and Aeneas Mallet’s challenges. You may have seen my Teatime Tattler post on Saturday. I’m back to work on The Price of Glory—at least I will be as soon as I finish the first read through of Christmas Hope before asking a friend to tell me if the parts all hang together. I’m also planning a novella for the next Bluestocking Belles’ Anthology—but first, coffee!

egyptcoffee Author's Blog But First Coffee

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  1. I was not aware of the WWI novellas. Looking forward to them. And I LOVE the picture you have included in this blog.

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