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I am embarrassed to admit it, but kind words from a reader put a boost in my step; they energize my writing. Because my virtual universe was buzzing that Dangerous Works was free all weekend, quite a number of lovely things were said. Hitting #1 on the free Kindle historical romances list didn’t hurt either. Today’s the last day to buy it for FREE—though Kindle Unlimited users can read the series for free any time.

workstoppick But First Coffee

One reader tickled me by going in search of A Mother’s Work is Never Done, my most obscure short story. It appears on Goodreads but not Amazon; she new it existed; but she couldn’t find a copy so she contacted me. A bit of a trifle, it describes an incident (backstory if you will) that occurs between A Dangerous Nativity and The Renegade Wife. It turned out the reader had read everything I’ve published including all the stories I gave away to newsletter subscribers that are now available in print only on Amazon. All she wanted was A Mother’s Work and I was able to point her to Smashwords.

We had a quiet weekend in which we cleaned up the grill and cranked it up for the first time, implemented the new patio torches, worked in the garden, picked peas, celebrated Corpus Christi, and generally stuck close to home. In the meanwhile good things and kind words were swirling around my virtual world. So I woke up this morning with that spring in my step! I’m eager to finish the novella I’m working on and get back to Egypt. I’m almost there. Unfortunately I owe blog articles to both History Imagined and The Teatime Tattler the end of the week. Much to do, but first, coffee!

IMG_0370-1024x768 But First Coffee

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  1. You deserve good words. DANGEROUS WORKS was the first of your books that I read several years ago. Made a fan girl of me right off the bat.

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