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My grandson became bar mitzvah on Saturday. While it didn’t look exactly like this painting, it was done in a dignified, traditional manner. Yakov Netan’el chanted his Torah portion from Leviticus and the haftarah from Ezekiel the prophet in Hebrew. He gave a very well thought out talk on the importance of the feasts and on observance. We could not have been prouder of him.

An event like this means the family gathered from near and far. Such an undertaking is always a bit fraught as people’s diverse schedules, lives, and points of view come to mesh, but, as always, it worked. We ate; we drank; we danced; we celebrated and good times were had by all. Family may be messy but somehow it always comes together when it is important.

This morning we’re getting the last of the stragglers off on their travels and then I have to look at my overloaded in box, piles of laundry, and neglected work in progress. I’ll probably nap, too. But first? Coffee!

2 thoughts on “My Big Weekend

  1. Congratulations to your grandson!
    I so concur w your comments re ‘family’! For sure my hubby Jim/I embrace ours w all the joys & challenges!🤗

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