It Is Hard to Write When…

Good Monday morning! Things remain at sixes and sevens here. The Big Kitchen Project is almost—but not quite—done. Here’s what I learned:

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It is hard to write when your office is turned into a field kitchen.

It is hard to write when loud pounding ensues.

It is hard to write when your brain is full of project management milestones.

It is hard to write when beloved needs to discuss things. Often.

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It is hard to write when the contractor needs questions answered.

Which relates to

It is hard to write with strangers going in and out of  your house.

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I managed a bit last week. I left poor Harry Wheatly in an under grown cavern near Vimy Ridge figuring out what he needs to tell his squad about their part in the Canadian Expeditionary Force’s orders to take that ridge. Rosemarie misses him but things are looking up in Amiens. 

This week: backsplash, the last of the plumbing, visitors, and the Battle of Vimy Ridge April 8, 1917. I will persevere. After all, if you want to be a writer, you have to write. Off we go. But first, coffee.

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One thought on “It Is Hard to Write When…

  1. Good to hear u are ‘taking it in stride’! ( chuckle) no doubt the transformed space will be exquisite! Glad to hear that u are still inspired to write/create in spite of the ‘renovation chaos’!( chuckle again)

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