Valentine Celebration

Good morning! Another week dawns, this one with a lovely holiday in the middle and a new book to celebrate. Valentines From Bath launched over the weekend and we had a lovely party on Saturday to celebrate. Games were played, prizes were won, and our lovely little book did well. I created memes about the characters of Candles in the Dark, my story in the collection. I thought you might like to see them.

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I few other holiday goodies: Dangerous Secrets will be FREE February 13-15. If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, this is a good week to do it, because I plan to make sure all new subscribers get the link the Missing Pages, my gift to subscribers last week.

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Its a busy week in the household as well, not least because Valentine’s Day is also Beloved’s Birthday. Out to dinner it is! In the meantime, I’m back to work on The Price of Glory. But first, coffee!

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  1. We have had a good launch, haven’t we? Happy birthday to your beloved, and good luck with Richard’s story.

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