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The ladies in the basement, the muses that live deep in my unconscious got a bit sleepy over the holidays. My first week back got eaten up by announcements and promotion for Valentines From Bath, (You can check that little treasure out here) but they need to wake up now.

I managed to take a look at the projects rattling around in my head for 2019 and the ladies have taken notice. At least I hope they have because my goals are ambitious. The Price of Glory is in process and I think the muse of character development (I would like to call her Bernadette) has been whispering what I need to hear. Clio is in charge of history, and she’s usually the easy one. Here’s their challenge: I’d like to get both this novel and its sequel, The Value of Money in draft by the end of the year so I can write The Cost of Pity in the first half of 2020. That way they can be released fairly close together. My plan is to hold on to the first one until the other two are ready. If you want to follow my progress, you might join my Fellow Travelers Facebook group.

What do you think about that? Submit to the publisher as I finish them or hold on to them until all three are ready?

That would be ambitious enough, but I also plan to turn my two World War I stories (Roses in Picardy/1916 and The Last Post/1919) into a single volume with stories to cover Christmases in 1917 and 1918 added. I’d like to release that in September, 2019. The tentative title is Christmas Peace.

Just to mix things up, I’ve promised to self-publish a novel for a series called Tragic Characters, a set of books that recasts characters from classic stories in Regency England for mid-2020. I’ve been assigned Dagonet, King Arthur’s Fool. It may turn out that a hero lurks in his frivolous heart.

I will want to participate in a Bluestocking Belles anthology in the next year as well, either for Fall 2019 or Valentines Day 2020. We’ll see how that falls out.

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Today? I’m still finishing up my last made-to-order story, one my newsletter subscribers will get eventually. I need to finish so I can get on to The Price of Glory! But first? Coffee!

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