New Books Coming and a Royal Wedding

I am in the middle of writing a long post for History Imagined, and as i do my next novel is beginning to fall into place. I have already scoped out the Mallet boys, children of Georgiana and Andrew of Dangerous Works. I hinted in The Reluctant Wife that their son Richard is a budding archaeologist fascinated with Egypt. This week I’m researching Mehmed (or Mohammad) Ali the rebellious Ottoman governor of Egypt: rebellion, civil war, and of course the intervention of the Western powers. England wanted the Empire to remain strong as a buffer to Russia. France sided with Egypt. This took place in the late 1830s and culminated in 1840—just my time period. How convenient!  Want to know more? Stop by Caroline Warfield’s Fellow Travelers Tuesday October 16! I play to discuss my plans in more detail. Not a member? Join now.

As to this week, I’ll be celebrating Princess Eugenie’s wedding with the authors of the Royal Wedding Hop. Each one has will have prizes to give away and there is a grand prize. Go to the Facebook group join in the fun!

RW-Hop2-GroupBannersmall-1024x648 But First Coffee

The Bluestocking Belles’ 2018 anthology, Follow Your Star Home is for sale at a pre-order price of 2.99. It goes up after launch on November 4. If you missed the excerpt from my story The Last Post on First Kiss Friday on Sherry Ewing’s blog last week, check it out now. I am making plans to write a series of chapters that link The Last Post to last year’s Roses in Picardy so that I can release it as a single novel.

43287007_10217590331653601_3306735238616449024_n But First Coffee

I’m still finishing up the to-be-announced Valentine’s day story as well. Much to do this week! But first, coffee.

12494871_10153815117630833_7541444861224313708_n But First Coffee


4 thoughts on “New Books Coming and a Royal Wedding

  1. Hi Caroline, I love your thoughts on the story you are writing. I have always been fascinated with Egypt and archaeology since I went to New Orleans when I was in High School and we saw the King Tut exhibit. Looking forward to reading and also excited about the Follow Your Star Home@!

    • Lori, I see that you’re signed up for my little event (just for my readers) on Tuesday in Fellow Travelers. More on Egypt then!

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