Nothing But Gratitude

Gratitude and a bit of fatigue

I am happy to report that sales of The Unexpected Wife have gone very well. In fact, sales of all three books in the Children of Empire series continue to be brisk. I’m grateful to all who listened to me fret, who shared information about the books, who hosted me on blogs, who shared my ads, who encouraged me after I made an error or two, and who celebrated the release. Not only did an entire village of friends help me, the kindness of strangers who happily passed on information touched me.

IMG_0370-300x225 But First Coffee I’m overwhelmed by everyone who bought my books, who read my books, and above all those of you who took the time to tell me they gave you joy. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Beloved and I recharged our batteries on the beaches of Cape May for four days and I’m back at my desk trying to pick up the strands of marketing, planning, and daily word count goals. Onward and upward! But first? Coffee.

One thought on “Nothing But Gratitude

  1. I just want to thank you for the first of your novels that I have read The Reluctant Wife. It is a wonderful novel and just the type of historical romance i have searched for ,historically believable, well rounded interesting characters and in no way resembled a sex manual. I am in no way adverse to sex BUT at 82 I am not interested in pages of blow by blow often self consciously poor description.Georgette Heyer was my introduction to historical romance and I have read Pride and Predjudice several times so you can see where i am coming from. Have already bought two more of your novels and hope you have plans for continuing the stories of Fred Wheatly’s charming daughters.
    You are a talented lady and i am so happy to have found you, thanks again, Carol Segina

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