Pollen and the Fog of Spring

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Pretty but oh! the tree pollen.

How can something invisible make me so miserable?  I spent much of the weekend languishing in the recliner. I watched four lengthy documentaries and two feature films and also read three books. Why? Pollen people. When my breathing shuts down I get lethargic and wander around in a brain fog. It’s hard to write when in a brain fog.

Still… Some updates:

-Walking after every meal works.

-The new squirrel baffle works so far, but my money is still on the vermin.

-The plot of my sequel to Roses of Picardy has come together but it needs some tightening.

-Insight of the week? The shorter the story, the shorter the time frame should be.

-I owe four more blog posts this week and I am taking over the Facebook group, Historical Romance Lovers, on Tuesday. I’ll be posting and hopping in and out to chat with readers all day. https://www.facebook.com/groups/520438361649029/

Adding to the fun, we’re leaving on Friday morning to drive to Ohio. Family First, people! No post here next week, we’ll be gone until May 20.

So I had best get to work. But first? Coffee!coffee-break-1454539196eJw-300x259 Author's Blog But First Coffee




4 thoughts on “Pollen and the Fog of Spring

  1. My husband is the same. But no no, squirrels aren’t vermin, just little chaps making their way. Had one in my garden so fat he couldn’t climb the fence to escape my cat . My ca t ignored him. In Oxfordshire, in England

    • I love that anecdote about the chubby squirrel. If they didn’t make free with the bird feeder to the point they discourage the birds I would rather enjoy them.

  2. Oh i well appreciate your ‘battle’ w pollen! My asthma is often more active!? for sure inhaler in tow!

    Reading another one of your romances! Cant get enough!? keep writing! Of course must have coffee & family time!

    Safe travels this next week!

    Hi to your ‘beloved’!


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