Weather, Atmosphere, and Storytelling

Lesser_Ury_-_Alexanderplatz-220x300 Author's Blog But First Coffee Lately, I’m obsessing on the weather. Winter has been unrelenting and the swings have been dramatic—rather like a well-plotted novel, but much less satisfying. Saturday night we ate out on our patio, enjoying a dead perfect evening—not too hot, not too cold, no bugs, bright sun—knowing full well such evenings are rare. It was 80 degrees. By the next morning, the temperature dropped 40 degrees and rain came. The rain has been unrelenting for twenty-four hours, and I can only be grateful it isn’t snow (my sympathies to Minneapolis and Green Bay).

coffeecropped-217x300 Author's Blog But First Coffee What does this have to do with writing? For one thing, my mood plummetted with the temperature. All I wanted to do yesterday was snuggle up under an afghan and read, and so I did. No writing. No marketing. No laptop. How bad was it? I forgot to go to the library and now I have overdue items. Library fines! Oh, the shame of it. My professional pride is damaged.

It has one other impact on writing. My mood impacts the words on the page, but that isn’t all bad. This isn’t a day for happy endings, glorious love, or funny scenes. I need to write the gloomy bits. SIGH. It also occurs to me, that I ought to use weather more often to set emotion in a story. That’s something to ponder! I best get to it.

But first, coffee!

5 thoughts on “Weather, Atmosphere, and Storytelling

  1. You don’t obsess about the weather as much as I do; I’m collating a day-by-day account of the weather in as many places as possible in England between 1775 and 1820 .
    But I do agree, I get a lot more written when the sun is brightly shining.

  2. The snow these days could be compared to plot twists! Unexpected and not necessarily wanted every time. 😉

  3. What happened to book three in the Children of the Empire series – The Unexpected Wife?

    • Alas the book ran into scheduling conflicts at Soul Mate Publishing, entirely outside my control. It is currently scheduled to be released July 25, 2018. I apologize for the delay.

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