Spring Cleaning

My laptop did not want to turn on this fine spring morning. It came up very slowly, rather like the rest of me. We both woke up feeling fuzzy to face a grey morning and temperatures that remain 20 degrees below normal. At least it isn’t going to snow!

I think the Mac was sleepy because I overworked it yesterday. I finally got around to collecting and moving all my photos from my old MacAir to the new one. (I’m joking…I really do know computers don’t get sleepy, but I do.) I also spent some energy mulling over whether or not to put them in the Apple icloud. If anyone uses it happily, I’d like to know about it. Mostly it made me scratch my head.

I got started down that path due to a blog post. Night Owl Reviews asked for a post entitled “My Muse is Travel…” and it called for photos. I’m happy with the results—both the post and the photos I selected. I’ll let folks know when it publishes in a couple of weeks.

The effort had me looking at twenty or more years of travel photos, however, which forced me to face the MESS that is my digital photo collection, and that is not even counting the piles of them that Beloved stores. I still have organizing to do but I’m in better shape now.

IMG-0369-e1521465039587-300x225 Author's Blog But First Coffee I have decided to count this as my spring cleaning. I am generally not one attack windows and walls every spring, but I ought to be out cleaning flower and vegetable beds. I have usually gotten my peas and lettuce in by now. It is hard to get motivated when it feels like February!

I need to get my Orkney novella (the widower one) off to beta readers today. I also need to get my April newsletter finished, spring weather or no, so I best get to it. But first, coffee.

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