Celebration and Music

How was your weekend? I hope you were able to celebrate an awakening of Spring before snow returned, and that life is good, whatever you celebrate. Our Holy Saturday filled me with joy for sure. I have the privilege of singing in our tiny choir and I’m not sure if Water of Life or the Alleluias pleased me more.

Fanny_Brate-Namnsdag-300x240 But First Coffee I especially hope you had a gathering with loved ones. Some of our family who came for dinner celebrate Passover so we had sinker rolls in lieu of biscuits and pound cake under our berries in lieu of shortcake. Yummy every bit of it. I took a notion to cook lamb this year. Do you think my recent trek to New Zealand influenced my choice? You’d be right. I had never done it before so there was anxiety, but the rotisserie cooked it perfectly. My grandson, who had been highly skeptical, took a third helping. The mashed potatoes were excellent, but the gravy was less successful due to a slip of my hand during the thickening process. Said grandson referred to it as a random glutinous object.

This week I intend to finish my story for the Scarsdale Press Marriage Maker series. It is coming together:  Orkney, seashells, and the Moonlight Sonata. I’d like to get it to a beta reader or three so I can start my story for the Bluestocking Belles 2018 boxed set. Of course, I’m also behind on my marketing plan for the Unexpected Wife. SIGH. I need to keep at it.

2458-a-cup-of-dark-coffee-pv-150x150 But First Coffee But first, coffee.

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  1. You know you can always count on me to BETA read. 🙂 And advertising opportunities 😉

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