Valentine’s Day

Do you love it or hate it? You can make a case either way. Valentine’s Day can feel like one of those contrived opportunities to sell us candy, flowers, cards, or whatever some marketing genius wishes to promote.  It can be depressing to some people, a trap that reinforces the notion that if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, you have little worth. No one should give in to the pressure to celebrate something that has no meaning to them.

On the other hand, a day to celebrate love and romance—how can we not embrace it? It provides a reminder to let those we care about know that we love them. Whether we say the words to our lover, our friend, our children, or our grandmother, its all good. Besides, coming as it does in midwinter here in the northern hemisphere always adds a bit of cheer to dreary months.

In our house this is has always been a day of great celebration. You see, it is Beloved’s birthday. When our children were small we made breakfast in bed accompanied by a pile of presents. In addition to the birthday loot we always had a homemade “mail box,” into which each family member put Valentine’s cards and small gifts. The children knew their father would always put treats for each of them in the box. We would all sit on the bed and open our greetings and gifts.

This year those scattered here and there wandered home on different days and we’ve managed multiple celebrations this week. Today actually promises to be a quiet one here.

One way to celebrate is to read a romance.  Or maybe write one! I just hit “send” to convey the final draft of The Unexpected Wife to my editor, giving us another reason to celebrate. I believe I will, but first? Coffee!

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  1. I love Valentine’s Day, and most other holidays! We have customs we’ve made for our family. Not being a TV watcher, I don’t see the advertisements, so don’t get put off. I usually celebrate with a special meal, treats, and make something for others on those days. I love them. xx

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